APStatistics Audit

To receive authorization from the College Board to label a course "AP" each teacher must submit two documents related to the course: a syllabus and the subject-specific AP Course Audit form.

Each AP teacher is required to submit an electronic copy of his or her syllabus outlining the course of study to be followed for the academic year. Teachers’ syllabi must provide clear and explicit evidence that the AP Course Audit requirements are included in their courses.

Sample syllabi for popular Statistics textbooks that have been submitted by AP Stats teachers are available below. 

Teachers--If you would like to share your syllabus with others, please email me at:

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  1. Bullet TPS5e.Sample.doc - (TPS5e) Josh Tabor

  2. Bullet TPS4e.Tabor.doc - (TPS4e) Josh Tabor

  3. Bullet TPS4e.Cashill.doc - (TPS4e) Bob Cashill

  4. Bullet TPS4e_Steines.pdf - (TPS4e) Stephanie Steines

  5. Bullet YMS3e.Starnes.doc - (YMS3e) Daren Starnes

  6. Bullet YMS3e.Pennebaker.doc - Helen Pennebaker

  7. Bullet YMS2e.Molesky.pdf - Jason Molesky

  8. Bullet YMS2e.Bailey2.doc - Randy Bailey

APStatistics Audit
TPS:2E-5e -The Practice of Statistics
POD:2E-Intro to Statistics and Data Analysis
BVD-Stats-Modeling the World
  1. Bullet  POD2.Olsen.doc - Chris Olsen

  2. Bullet  POD2.McDonald.doc - Deanna McDonald

  3. Bullet  POD2.CBSample4.pdf - College Board Sample

  1. Bullet  Contact Jared Derksen for a sample.

  2. Bullet  BVD.Bock.pdf - David Bock

  3. Bullet  BVD.Temple.doc - Shelli Temple

  4. Bullet  BVD.Gonnering.doc - Jennifer Gonnering

  5. Bullet  BVD.Kincaid.doc - Angela Kincaid

  6. Bullet  BVD.Schoff.pdf - Tobey Schoff

  1. Bullet WS.CBSample3.pdf - College Board Sample

  2. Bullet WS.Coons.doc- Al Coons

  3. Bullet WS.Hay.pdf - Kari Hay

Workshop Statistics
YMM:1e-The Practice of Statistics
POD:1E-Intro to Statistics and Data Analysis
  1. Bullet  POD1e.Kucera.doc - Lee Kucera

  2. Bullet  POD1.CBSample2.pdf - College Board Sample

  1. Bullet  YMM.Pennebaker.doc - Helen Pennebaker

  2. Bullet  YMM.Rye.doc - Tom Rye

  3. Bullet  YMM.Ibarra.pdf - Lynn Ibarra

  4. Bullet  YMM.Pearlman.doc - Rebecca Pearlman

  5. Bullet  YMM.YMS.Pryor.xls - Stoney Pryor

  6. (submitted by Deanna McDonald)

THANK YOU to everyone who is willing to share their materials!

Official College Board Audit Information

AP Central Audit Site

AP Statistics FAQ

Jared Derksen’s FAQ

  1. Bullet  WSC.Andreasen.doc - Corey Andreasen

WSC-Statistics in Action
  1. Bullet  TPS.CBSample1.pdf - College Board Sample

TPS-Intro to the Practice of Statistics
  1. Bullet  BB.Cater.doc - Rita Cater

  2. Bullet  BB.Fiegel.doc - Mark Fiegel

B&B - Understandable Statistics
 2001-2002:  APStat_AcornBook0102.pdf        2002-2003: APStat_AcornBook0203.pdf
 2003-2004:  APStat_AcornBook0304.pdf        2005-2006:  APStat_AcornBook0506.pdf                                              
 2007-2008:  APStat_AcornBook0708.pdf        2009-2010:  APStat_AcornBook0910.pdf
 2010-2011:  APStat_AcornBook1011.pdf

Popular Textbook Resources TextbookResources.pdf - Daren StarnesAP_Audit_files/APStat_AcornBook0102.pdfAP_Audit_files/APStat_AcornBook0203.pdfAP_Audit_files/APStat_AcornBook0304.pdfAP_Audit_files/APStat_AcornBook0506.pdfAP_Audit_files/APStat_AcornBook0708.pdfAP_Audit_files/APStat_AcornBook0910.pdfAP_Audit_files/APStat_AcornBook1011.pdfAP_Audit_files/APStat_AcornBook1011.pdfAP_Audit_files/TextbookResources.pdfshapeimage_33_link_0shapeimage_33_link_1shapeimage_33_link_2shapeimage_33_link_3shapeimage_33_link_4shapeimage_33_link_5shapeimage_33_link_6shapeimage_33_link_7shapeimage_33_link_8