After The Exam

This page includes .pdfs of packets, handouts, worksheets, etc. related to post-exam activities from various teachers. 

If you have a project, activity, movie guide, reading guide, etc that you’d like to share, please email it to me at:

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“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

~Harry S. Truman

After the Exam
The following projects are assigned by teachers as a culminating activity after the exam.  These are a great way to have students demonstrate an understanding of the connections between the major themes of statistics.

  FinalProject.pdf - Jason Molesky
  End of the Year Project - Jared Derksen
  PostCapstone Project.doc - Randy Bailey
  Project Ideas - Al Coons’ Site
  StatsOlympics.doc - Katherine Harris
 Summer Project - Richard Gill
Summer Project.doc
Summer Project - Answers.doc
Model Answers Excel.xls

GuitarHero t-Test - Jason Molesky
 DamnedLiesReading - Robin Levine-Wissing
 HowToLieWithStatistics - Mike Bryant
 ValleyfairStats2009.doc - Randy Bailey
PhysicsDayPacket - SixFlags of America 
WiiBowling.doc - Randy Blackwood
 PopMentosData.doc - Randy Blackwood
 Football.doc - Ruth Reece
Movie Guides:
Several films have become popular post-exam activities. The following Guides can be used to help students connect the content of the films to their learning of statistics.

“A Civil Action”
  A Civil Action.doc - Cindy Alford/Sally Miller
  A Civil ActionSK2A.pdf - Steve Wang

“And the Band Played On”
 AtBPO2004.doc - Zack Bigner
“Breaking Vegas”
 Breaking Vegas Wkst.doc - Nicole Gibson
 Breaking Vegas Answers.doc

Additional Topics:
 TeacherCourseEval2005.doc - Randy Bailey
  Eval2007StonyPryor.doc - Randy Bailey
  PostAPExamDebrief08.doc - Randy Bailey
  StudentFeedback08.doc - Lauren Caradec
  AP StatsCourseEval.doc - Ruth Novak
  EndofYearQuestionnaire.doc - Lisa NiederPost-Exam_files/A%20Civil%20ActionSK.doc