The following suggestions have been submitted by Veteran AP Readers as a reminder for returning readers as well as a resource for First-Time Readers aka “Acorns”.  Veterans, please email suggestions to me at Email Link if you’d like them to be added here!


  1. BulletCheck out your personal Reader Registration Site!  Click on the link in your email from ETS.

  2. Bullet Read the “Rules of Conduct” 


What clothing should I pack?

  1. Comfortable clothing and walking shoes. You may be walking a bit.  Note: it is suggested you always walk with a colleague!  Shuttle transportation is also available.

  2. Layered clothing. The temperature can vary greatly and the reading rooms can be quite cool.

  3. Swim/workout wear.  You’ll have some time to relax/workout in the evenings if you desire.

  4. Don’t overpack! You may be living out of a suitcase for a week!

  5. Coffee, tea & beverages are available during breaks but open drinks cannot be placed on the reading tables; they must go on the floor.  Those who think they might like to drink a beverage while they read should bring a cup/mug/bottle with a closed lid--preferably one with a broad base and not a skinny-bottomed ‘travel mug’ since they tip easily when not in a cup holder.

What should I bring?

  1. Bring a clipboard, writing utensil, and paper to the first training session.  You’ll want to write down a lot of great information!

  2. Wireless access may be available in most hotels, so you may want a laptop to keep in touch with home/work. Obviously you assume full responsibility if you bring a laptop!

  3. Games/material for free time.  You may have some downtime in the evenings, so you might want to bring something to read or a game to play with others. Most hotels will have a “social” room where you can get to know some of your fellow readers better.

  4. Golf clubs.  Some readers like to squeeze in 9 holes in the evening.  Carpooling to the local course is available.

  5. There are many informal running/jogging opportunities. Small groups head out before breakfast and after the reading. While there is no formal organization, don't hesitate to ask to join those that you see dripping in the lobby.

  6. If you are bringing electrical devices (computer, tablet, etc), you may want to bring a power strip or a 3 outlet extender. There are very limited outlets in some of the hotel rooms and they may not be in convenient locations in the room.

What does “reading” entail?

  1. You will be trained on grading at least one question throughout the week.  You will be assigned to a room of readers working on the same question and paired up with a colleague with whom you will work for the week. 

  2. Follow the rubric!   The test development committee, question leaders, and table leaders  have devoted a great deal of time to creating the rubric. As long as you follow it, you will have no problem grading your question.

What does it mean that I’m an “Acorn”?

  1. “Acorn” is the name given to first-time readers. It is based on the College Board logo.

  2. Get out and meet people!  You’ll have lots of chances to chat with other acorns,  “gurus”, textbook authors, other stats teachers, and members of the StatList.  This is the BEST professional development available...take advantage of it!

  3. The Acorns will have multiple opportunities to get together during the week and will be supported by everyone at the reading. In particular, “Mother Acorn”, “Father Acorn” and their helpers will be there to answer specific concerns that arise during the reading. You’ll meet her and her crew on the first day of the reading. Find a group of colleagues and explore Kansas City!

  4. It has been tradition that the Acorns perform a skit based on the year’s free-response questions during  the closing celebration. Again, there will be a great deal of support for you as you plan this skit.

What is there to do in Kansas City?

  1. The Social Team will be planning a number of events throughout the week.  If you’d like to explore Kansas City on your own, you may wish to check out:

Other questions?

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask...toss a question out to the StatList, join the facebook group, email veteran readers, or check back to this site often. I will update it as more suggestions come in!

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