Sunday                 12

Professional Night

Monday                13

College Board Open Forum

Tuesday               14

Dine Out Night (No Dinner Served)

Applied Probability Casino Trip

Wednesday         15

95% Confidence Fun Run/Walk

Thursday             16

Best Practices Night

Friday                  17

Last Reading Day

Closing Night Funstravaganza 7-11 PM

Saturday              18

Travel Day

See you in 2017!

Click HERE for the 2015 Fun Run Video!

The prediction run began in Daytona in 2010 when a small group of friends decided to loosely organize a fun run on the beach. Since then, participation has exploded. Last year we had over 280 participants!

We use the word "race" loosely, because the primary purpose of the Prediction Fun Run/Walk is to get out and have fun. We are 95% confident that you will have a great time! The race will be held this year (again) on a paved walking trail along the Missouri River. The tentative race date is Wednesday, June 15 at 7:00 pm. The course consists of very gentle rolling hills.

The course will be 1.96 miles long...I mean, it is a 95% confidence fun run!

AP Stats Fun Run in 4 Easy Steps!

1.  State (your prediction):  

2.  Plan (to wear an awesome shirt):  

3.  Do (remember to pay!!!):  

4.  Conclude that you know all the essentials by reading the pdf located to the left.

1.96 Mile Prediction Fun Run/Walk

AP STATS RESOURCESDescriptive_Statistics.html
AP EXAM INFOAP_Review.html




2017 AP Reading Information

AP Reading Information

BEST PRACTICE NIGHTReadBestPractice.html

Once again, Stephen Dartt is organizing the AP Reading Polo Shirts.  The shirts will be white this year, in honor of the 20th anniversary. They were white the very first year, and that has not been the color since.

Please submit your order by May 11! Thanks!!

Contact Stephen at if you have any questions.

AP Statistics Polo Shirts

The Reading -  A Visual History

Sue Hvizdos


Friday                  10

Arrival Day

Optional (but recommended)

New Reader Orientation 7:00 PM

Saturday              11

Geocaching Downtown KC

6:00 PM

Thursday               9

Finish Packing!

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Each year, educators at the AP Reading meet one evening for “Best Practices Night”. This evening is an opportunity for interested presenters to share "best practices" in the teaching of introductory statistics with their colleagues.  Everything from favorite instructional activities to teaching tips to assessment resources to statistical humor have been the subject of presentations in prior years.

Sign up to present HERE: AP Stats Best Practices 2016 Presenters


(a.k.a. Casino Night at Harrah's)

Tuesday, June 14th

Sign up HERE:

Applied Probability Casino Trip - Dine Out Night

Best Practice Presentations