YMS TI Guide - Draft Chapters

Chapter 1

Exploring Data

Chapter 2

Normal Distributions

Chapter 3

Examining Relationships

Chapter 4

Transforming Data

Chapter 5

Producing Data

Chapters 6-14

Coming Soon...


Draft Guide

All completed chapters in a single .pdf file.

Additional chapters will be added as they are completed.


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TI83+/84+ Guide for TPS2e/3e

The instructions on this page are taken from an AP Statistics Calculator Guide I started writing/compiling for my students.  The guide is not an “official” YMS ancillary, it is simply a collection of examples I provide for my students throughout the year.

Many of the calculator examples are modifications of problems/examples/explorations found in the most popular AP Statistics textbooks.  Others have been modified from examples submitted to the AP Stats listserv.

If you have an activity or calculator trick you would like to share, please email me and I will be sure to include it here!

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