III: Probability

  1. Bullet Game of Chance.doc - Dora Daniluk

  2. Bullet KeyConceptsOfProbability.ppt - Rick Abraham

  3. Bullet Probability Internet Lab - Sandra Lowell

  4. Internet Probability Lab.doc

  5. BulletSimulated m&m sheets!

  6. Reece_mms_Simulated.doc- Ruth Reece

  7. Bullet New Casino Lab: Casino Lab 08.pdf - Daren Starnes

  8. Bullet Casino Lab Solutions: Solutions.pdf - Daren Starnes

III: Sampling Distributions

  1. Bullet Example of Sampling Distributions.docx - David Bee

  2. Bullet Sampling Distributions II.docx - David Bee

  3. Bullet Sampling Distributions III.docx - David Bee 

  4. BulletCentral Limit Theorem - Mary Harrison

  5. CentralLimitThm.doc (Minitab13)

  6. CentralLimitThmKey.doc

  7. Bullet GermanTanksProblem - A Classic

  8. Student.pdf - Teacher.pdf - TanksFathom.ftm

  9. Bullet12 Days of Statistics - Sally Miller (Adapted from Jim Luhring)

  10. Word Miller_12DaysOfStatistics.doc

  11. PDF    Miller_12DaysOfStatistics.pdf

  12. Bullet Normal Distribution (Sketchpad) - Aaron Willford

  13. Statistics_Normal_Distribution.gsp

  14. Statistics_Ztest.gsp

  15. Bullet SampleMeansPropScavengerHunt.ppt - Sandra Lowell

  16. Bullet Simulating Estimators of the Mean - Daren Starnes

  17. Comparing estimators of MU.pdf

  18. _testing estimators.ftm Fathom

  19. Bullet Vietnam Mini-Lesson - Sally Miller

  20. VietnamMiniLesson



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