This page includes resources related to using past Free Response Questions as formative assessments in your AP Statistics classroom.  FRAPPYs are more than just Free Response Questions...FRAPPYs are a process utilizing past FRQs as a means to strengthen students’ conceptual understanding and communication skills.

Be sure to view the FRAPPY presentation before incorporating this formative assessment process into your classroom practices.  Happy FRAPPYing!  WooHoo!

I: Descriptive Statistics

FRAPPY: Frappy1.pdf

FRAPPY: Frappy2.pdf

FRAPPY: Frappy3.pdf

FRAPPY: Frappy4.pdf

II: Producing Data

FRAPPY: Frappy5.1.pdf 

FRAPPY: Frappy5.2.pdf

III: Probability/ Sampling Distributions

FRAPPY: Frappy6a.pdf 

FRAPPY: Frappy6b.pdf

FRAPPY: Frappy7.1.pdf

FRAPPY: Frappy7.2.pdf

FRAPPY: Ch8Frappy - Ann Hackinson

FRAPPY: Ch8.docx - Powerpoint.pptx- Sharon Sterken

IV: Inference

FRAPPY: ConfIntFrappy.pdf

FRAPPY: Ch10.pdf - Powerpoint.pptx - Sharon Sterken

FRAPPY: Ch12.docx - Powerpoint.pptx - Sharon Sterken

AP_FRQ_ByTopic.xls - College Board

AP Index 11_12.xls - Josh Tabor

YMSFRQCorrelation - Jared Derksen

FRQ_Index.xls - Daren Starnes

MC_Index.xls - Daren Starnes

FRappy Collection - Carrie Ketchem

  1. Word Template FrappyTemplate.doc

  2. Alignment  FR Alignment.doc

  3. Exploring Data  Exploring

  4. Normal Distributions Normal

  5. Regression

  6. Producing Data Designing Surveys/

  7. Probability

  8. Random Variables Random

  9. Binomial/Geometric RV Binomial,

  10. Central Limit Theorem

  11. Inference for p Inference with z for

  12. Inference for µ Inference with t for µ.zip

  13. Chi-square Procedures

  14. Inference for Regression Inference for

  15. Transformations for Linearity

  16. Number 6 Stretching into Something

Special thanks to Carrie for formatting all of these FRAPPYs!  WooHoo!

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